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out with the old and in with the cash!

Let’s face it, we have preconceived notions about sales and marketing and how to break through barriers whether it’s projections, algorithms, or throwing a bunch of content at people to see what sticks….no one really knows what’s going to make the magic happen in each situation. Until now. Back in the hospitality days when I worked for a luxury hotel company, the Director of Sales used to say to us all the time, “by the fifth time you reach out to a prospect, they should be buying from you, if they’re not buying from you, your pitch is off!” How many times have you heard this? Here’s my response to that…Bull@$%!! Are you kidding me? Five times? Five times?? Just slap a stamp on my forehead and stick me in the mail, I’ll get there before you make a sale that’s for sure! But here’s the thing, I was indoctrinated in that mindset, so I completely understand that it is hard wired in us, but I’m here to tell you that storytelling disrupts all of that-first conversation with story can close a deal. A very simple formula can turn your stories into a goldmine. Once you see the cash, you’ll never go back to traditional marketing. And because I want you all to succeed, I’m going to share my formula with you right here, right now! Wow!

StoryForm – Storytelling formula in 3 steps:
1. Personal and relevant
2. Tell a story (not a narrative)
3. Make your audience the hero

3-step process that turns Storytelling into StorySelling