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The Superpower Of
Persuasive Storytelling

Best audience: sales, marketing, corporate communications, nonprofit, associations, government relations



  • The most important components of a story
  • How story seals the deal
  • Why your brain responds to story
  • differences between story and narrative
  • the strategy behind the stories you choose
  • how to apply story to social media
  • why storytelling is trending in content marketing
  • best practice of storytelling that will highlight your brand’s identity
Keynote Speaker

Why Storytelling?

Technology has made it possible to communicate anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. As you read this, the next 2.0 version of just about everything is underway. The downside is that people now spend their time staring at their screens instead of engaging with each other. There has never been a more important time to develop human connectivity than right now. Despite the growth of technology, relationship is still the core of every successful business. People buy from those they trust, and trust is the outcome of relationship. The solution is to combine relationship with technology, and storytelling is the way to do that.


Want to see how it’s done?
During this engaging, high energy, and interactive presentation, you will participate in the magic of storytelling. This is not your garden variety keynote presentation, this is an experience, and one you will never forget. You might sing, you might dance, but you will definitely laugh! I will take you through the process of what constitutes a story, the different types of story, and when to use them. When you leave, it will be clear that storytelling should be at the center of every marketing, branding, and social media campaign. There will be no doubt that storytelling is the foundation to trust, relationship…and extraordinary.